lisa schantz
2 min readMay 18, 2021

Once Upon a time way back when we wore masks….

The story we will tell our 5 year old when they see an old picture of mommy and daddy wearing that funny masks. “Why were you and daddy wearing a mask, were you playing dress up?” Were we? How to explain to a 5 year old

the overall madness that ensued the year of the Corona Virus. “You look like a doctor mommy” she laughed. I guess there is truth to that statement. We were sort of taking the precautions that the doctors take, if you stop and think about it

How to tell the story of the day we all were sent home from work from school. We would be able to visit our loved ones via the computer. A futuristic concept for a child to grasp, not the futuristic that I always envisioned like the Jetsons and their cool space ships. Although they wore a space helmut and we wore cloth masks each kept us from the atmosphere with all those germs.

“Are all the germs gone mom, and are we safe now.” How to answer that question. A delicate non complicated answer for a five year old. Actually a very complicated thought for me. Are the germs gone? Well no. You see remember that comic book superman, that you like so much. Remember how I bought you that superman cape, and how you said when you wore the cape you felt like you had super powers and even Kryptonite couldn’t hurt you.

Well lets just say we found our superman cape to protect us from kryptonite and germs.

“ Oh I get it Mom we are not weak any more, your my super hero mom, I’m glad you found your special cape.

lisa schantz

Here and now living and breathing and smiling underneath this mask. As I see it it’s not always pretty but surely authentic and often comical.