Remember that dream where you realized you are sitting in a classroom in your pajamas. I have had that dream over the years or a version of it.

It seems with the pandemic and the quarantine and all that has come with this very twighlight zone era we are living in my dream has a new twist.

I woke up in a cold sweat with what seems to be my newest unconscious fear the dream went something like this… I was wondering around a food store and i felt very uncomfortable as people walked down the aisle and looked at me. I knew something was wrong. Don’t breathe on me I thought. Mind you I was fully clothed but yet something was missing. I could feel the disapproval of the woman walking past me, dangerously close it seemed. She had no weapon she wasn’t chasing me and yet she was coming closer and I needed to take cover. All at once it hit me. I wasn’t wearing a mask! As bad as those dreams were over the years where I sat in my pajamas in class, it now seemed to pale in comparison to the fear and over all shame I felt as this possible corona virus infested human walked toward me ..

Here and now living and breathing and smiling underneath this mask. As I see it it’s not always pretty but surely authentic and often comical.