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I thought about this day for the last 5 months. What would it be like to become a productive member of society again. I say productive because during this quarantine life I had lost all sense of purpose, or so I thought.

In the working world since I was a teen the world of non working humans, well felt just slightly indulgent at the beginning. Staying up late to watch the 6 season of my latest bingeworthy show, and sleeping in until noon. Having coffee at 9pm not caring if it kept me up because I had no where to be. An interesting sentence. No where to be… Nothing to show up for.. No binding garments to wear or uncomfortable shoes. It was like living on a desert island,where the food would be dropped by helipcopter once a week in a sealed box. The helipcopter in this story would be instacart. I ordered so much food at the beginning that the delivery people and I were on a first name basis. The insanity that came along with food deliveries at the beginning, was funny as I think of it now. Food was left at on the porch by a masked stranger and left untouched as it “aired out” Then I washed each item with disinfectant spray, and when I say each item I mean everything. Packages and mail were stored away in a room for a day or two until we knew they were safe to open.

Outings were only for necessities that couldn’t be ordered. Sitting in the passenger seat as on the way to Target to buy dog food I opened the window and felt the cool air on my maskless face. I was so excited to be out and about, at those moments it became very obvious why my puppy loved to go on car rides FREEDOM!


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